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Plácido Domingo does not think to stop

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The Spanish superstar Plácido Domingo (77) makes a point of annually, a new operarol to his repertoire to add. Tonight at the Salzburger Festspiele, he is sitting on one hundred and fifty.

Score with The Three Tenors for an audience of millions at four consecutive world championships. Sing, but also to conduct. Itself an opera house, but preferably in a dignity at work in Washington …

Score with The Three Tenors for an audience of millions at four consecutive world championships. Sing, but also to conduct. Itself an opera house, but preferably in a dignity at work in Washington and Los Angeles: Placido Domingo is always an artist with a big appetite.

Also in the twilight of his career he is only debut. Under the motto ‘rust roest’ he checks off tonight in Salzburg are honderdvijftigste operarol. In a concert version of Les pêcheurs de perles creeps Domingo in the role of Zurga, a role that actually might have been written of a jeune premierin the operavak. But don’t worry, they will find at the Festival: Domingo continues to be a good boy. And, moreover, lives up to its name, the cash register ringing.

Bizet’s operaverhaal about two friends who are in love with the same womanhe knows by the way his thumb. Previously, he sang the tenorpartij and he conducted the piece. But now Domingo is increasingly shifting to the lower register of the baritone, there is a new repertoire for him. As this spring is still in Luisa Miller at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, where he, under loud applause number 149 on its account wrote.

A wild cat with nine lives

Plácido Domingo feels like for the music. To stop thinking he just didn’t. For the next season is already number 151 planned: the title role in El gato montès, the wild cat from the eponymous opera by Manuel Penella. In Los Angeles, where he is still director.

Text and music memorization falls on him heavier than before, he gave to the New York Times. “But I won’t stop you.’

Already in the years 70, the singer was by critics and colleagues needed to make it easier to do. When he first the sixties and then the seventies came, wished him a worthy podiumafscheid. But soon there is an impressive anniversary to celebrate: a career of sixty years of singing, with over one hundred pictures in the catalogue.

Plácido Domingo, born in Spain, but in Mexico, grew up, made his debut in 1959 in a zarzuela, a Spanish operetta. In 1961, he was already next to Joan Sutherland in Lucia di Lammermoor for his debut in the US. He popped up immediately in the great repertoire of Italian roles, in addition to German and French. In the dernière of Il Postino in 2010, written specially for him, if Domingo, a cake receipt for the 3,500 th performance. ‘Champion of the opera’, as it was. In the bargain, he is a true survivor. In 2010 he was operated on for colon cancer, six weeks later, again up on the stage of the Scala in Milan.

Lohengrin on the teleprompter

‘Plácido Domingo is regarded as the marathonman of the opera’, says did afall Cahn, intendant of Opera Vlaanderen. “It makes him a unique figure, cut for the Guinness Book of Records.’

For a tenor is a repertoire of fifty reels all exceptional, Cahn. ‘The big names keep the often at twenty or thirty. But Domingo has its own count: I suspect that he has quite a few small parties are taken into account. Nevertheless, its performance is huge. He lives two hundred percent for the box, and also feels not to be troubled as a mentor for young talent to act. But with the pace that he persists, he may not be at every opportunity to be optimally prepared. It is no secret that he was at Lohengrin at the Wiener Staatsoper ever a teleprompter with the text needed.”

“Most of the time its the opera intendants those singers challenge to a roldebuut, to the turn of a new step. Opera Vlaanderen has the right size: big stars prefer prefer a small house than the big stage to take risks. Not so with Plácido Domingo. Every new achievement is for him a kick.’

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