Panic in Germany to Autobahnschutter

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OLDENBURG – justice and Police in Germany are looking for a suspected male gunman who randomly at passing trucks and cars after.

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So far four known cases of voertuigbestuurders who, while on a highway in the vicinity of the city of Oldenburg reason, shot. A miracle hit, no one injured.

The most recent incident was last Tuesday night, when a 60-year-old truck driver on the German A28 suddenly a hole in the windshield discovered. At the same time, he saw a man on a bridge walk with a weapon in hand, said the driver, later against the police. The possible snelwegschutter disappeared immediately afterwards out of sight.

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The fugitive person would be a man concern, with dark hair and a normal build. He was wearing a dark top and a light coloured pants. The police of Oldenburg does not exclude that the suspect aimed shot on the truck.

Attempt murder

“Just before-ie under a viaduct reed, he noticed that his windshield was broken. He looked at the handle and saw a person with a weapon, which turned round and then ran away,” explains a spokesman. “Because of this testimony, we will treat this research, therefore, now, as an attempt to murder.”

Despite an extensive search in the area, inter alia, the deployment of a police helicopter, the defendant is not found.

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The police is currently investigating three other cases involving motorists from damage to their vehicle have been reported, without a logical explanation.

During an inspection of one of the vehicles a small hole in one pane found. At two other cars broke down during the drive a window. This concerns the period between 29 July and 16 August. All occupants remained unharmed.

The politiewoordvoerder don’t want to say whether there are bullets to be found. Whether there actually is a connection between all the incidents is still a part of the entire study, so let them know.

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