“One jury member kept full condemnation Manafort against’

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One of the judges of the trial against Paul Manafort on Fox News from the confession folded. According to her, it was clear that the the prosecutor is actually to do was to get ‘dirt on Trump’.

“I didn’t want Paul Manafort was guilty, but he was guilty. The burden of proof was overwhelming. And no one is above the law’, testified one of the judges in the trial against …

“I didn’t want Paul Manafort was guilty, but he was guilty. The burden of proof was overwhelming. And no one is above the law’, testified one of the judges in the process against Trumps former campaign manager on Fox News. Paula Duncan said that all the judges Manafort on all 18 charges were found guilty – except one woman.

Time and time again explained to the judges her on the basis of what evidence they Manafort guilty live. “We absolutely wanted to have a unanimous judgment, but to no avail. The dissident said that they had “reasonable doubt” remained with regard to his guilt.’

Eventually, Manafort convicted on eight of the eighteen crimes that, to him, charged were laid.

The tension in the meeting room of the jury was, according to Duncan often to cut. ‘There were tears.” First, the dissident along with the majority, told Duncan, but later she said that they were under pressure felt like, and her voice wanted change.

Duncan, who himself is a supporter of Trump called, had sharp criticism of the prosecutors. They seemed bored. And they gave her the impression that they are only to do was to ‘dirty up to dig on the president. According to her, were hoping the prosecutors that Manafort against the president would return.


Duncan even had two prosecutors, a nap can do. That was in the wrong throat shot, since they themselves, however, the whole time carefully. She added, however, that the prosecutors of the case ready and understandable explain.

Duncan admits that the fact that Manafort decided not to testify, played a part in her decision. The judge had the jurors, although the command given to him that not to count. “We had to assume that he was innocent and thus did not have to defend. But I’d still like to heard what he in his defence had to say.’

Instructive for special prosecutor Robert Mueller is probably that the testimony of the kroongetuige, the ex-campagnemedewerker Rick Gates, is not credible happened to the members of the jury. “We have not taken into account and only to the documents looked at.’ If Mueller Gates still in other cases, wanted to use seems, therefore, that is no longer a good idea.

Trump, the mob boss

Trump had nothing but praise for Manafort, who refused ‘to break’ and ‘stories to make up’ and made an agreement to throw with the prosecutor. His former counsel, Michael Cohen, who is to blame had known, he called ‘bad lawyer’.

The reaction of the president on the two convictions gave according to The New York Times strongly the impression he’s more concerned about the consequences for himself than about the fact that serious crimes have been committed. He seems to think he is above the law, writes the newspaper. “He used the language of a mafia boss who take an oath of allegiance of his men demands and expect them to be loyal to the maffiabende than to their own family,” concluded a former prosecutor in the newspaper.

“It has nothing to do with the president, expressed his spokeswoman. But the president feels exactly still wet, for he warned: “If I dropped a word, collapse the stock market.’


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