One dead and two injured in stabbing in France

049f85b2b3058a1ebff84207b32eea7a - One dead and two injured in stabbing in France

In Trappes, a town west of Paris, is a person to life in a stabbing. The attacker is neutralized, says the police.

A thirty-something would be in Trappes different people on the street have been attacked with a knife. At least one person died, two others were injured.

After the attack the offender, according to politiebronnen tucked away in a building in the rue Camille Claudel. He was armed with knives and would shouted: ‘Allah Akbar, when you come in, then I make you of side.’ When he was around 10.20 hours buitenkwam and the police threatened, the police have the man shot.

The man stood since 2016 is known for the expression of terrorist plans, but the police calls to not be too quick to draw conclusions.

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