’North Korea cease dismantling missile base’

46ba16922320805c0c026d45fa6648b8 - ’North Korea cease dismantling missile base’

WASHINGTON – North Korea has stopped the dismantling of the rocket-launching station Sohae. That reports the organization The 38 North based on satellite imagery from August 16. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had, in a conversation with the American president Donald Trump promised that the base would be decommissioned.

The 38 North is an organization that is objective and accurate news about North Korea wants to promote.

Images of a satellite according the organization see that, since August, nothing more is done on the basis. In July there is a part of the base be dismantled, but the parts that are deleted, are still on the site of the base. According to The 38 North would be able to go to a rebuilding.

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