No landslides in radioland

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The luistercijfers of the Flemish radio stations have in recent months very little changes. Radio 2 continued from march until June 2018 with a big lead, the most popular channel with a market share of 31.22 percent. The commercial station Qmusic came with 12,60 percent again in the second place, followed by MNM with 10,57 per cent. Qmusic is the market leader in the category between 18 and 44 years.

Compared with the previous measurement from January to april of this year, show the luistercijfers no major shifts. Radio 2 has been the best listened to radio and went from 30,39 to of 31.22 percent market share. Qmusic increased from 12,37 to 12,60 percent, while MNM its market share saw a rise of 9.9 to 10,57 per cent.

The VRT transmitter pushes this colleague Studio Brussels of the stage. Stubru is going backwards from 11,18 to eur 10.33 percent. Further in the standings, follow Joe (9,27%), Radio 1 (7.89 percent), Nostalgia (6,11%) and Klara (2,21 percent).

Director An Caers of Medialaan, the parent company of Qmusic and Joe, responding very satisfied at the results of both channels. She points out that Qmusic market leader in its target audience of 18 – to 44-year-olds with a 21.1 percent, while Joe in the general audience, highest number ever gets. “We continue with our radio stations, a beautiful result. It is a confirmation of the course that we sail with Qmusic and Joe,” says Caers. With Nostalgia, the third commercial channel in Flanders, notes general manager Tom Klerkx that the transmitter in the core target group 35-54 a share of 9.4 percent.

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