Macron is looking for new impetus after the affair-Benalla

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With the meeting of the council of ministers is Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday his second year as president of France entered. The command seems to be clear: the infected revamp.

In the past two weeks sought Macron with his wife Brigitte the seclusion of the Fort of Brégançon, the official residence of French presidents, on the Mediterranean Sea. But now he’s back in Paris, Macron the holiday atmosphere at all of the past.

At the first meeting of the new political year, the French head of state with his ministers immediately about changes to the labour legislation, the painful restructuring of the French railway company SNCF and tax reforms. Also on the agenda of Macron: the budget deficit under control, and the pension and health care affordable.

“The president is planning, all the hard buttons to chop that are necessary for the begrotingsverplichtingen”, said his spokesperson Wednesday against news agency Reuters. “A budget is more than a collection of statistics, it requires a strategy and making tough political choices.”


The begrotingsoefening to a good end, it is no more a tough challenge for the French president. The many strikes of the past few months, namely, to ensure that the country’s economy to sputter is gone, as appears from official data that in July were releasing. Amounted to economic growth last year was 2.2 percent, that’s still only 1.8 percent. The budget heading also therefore reduced to a deficit of 2.3 percent, one of the largest within the eurozone.

But Macron choose not only the flight ahead to use his budget to rescue. He is there just so much on burned the whole affair-Benalla leave behind. In July it became known that his personal security adviser, Alexandre Benalla, during a demonstration on may 1, had occurred as police and protesters violently had addressed. Macron did this for several weeks, the lips stiff on each other. In the meantime, he announced a reform of the security forces at the Elysée.

Baking criticism

The affair came to him on the baking criticism. According to a poll in July was reduced, the president still has the backing of a third of the French. Left-wing opposition parties remain in the meantime but repeat that Macron especially a president of the rich. “We are still not done with the dethroning of French princes”, tweette the ultra-left mep Jean-Luc Melenchon.

“It is impossible wealth if you in the first place, not creates,” said Macron, right, for his summer vacation. But not only the redistribution of wealth and a balanced budget, so on the game. Manages Macron not there in the promised reforms on track, then threaten his image even more damage and are populariteitscijfers slipping further.

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