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Johan Bruyneel should Us government $ 1.2 million refund for doping in team Armstrong

e33f01b29c282dc6735511aba9e13766 - Johan Bruyneel should Us government $ 1.2 million refund for doping in team Armstrong

Johan Bruyneel is by a federal judge in the United States, sentenced to repay $ 1.2 million to the U.s. government, so message to USA Today on his website. In his period as a manager of cycling team US Postal would Bruyneel is unlawfully enriched with taxpayers ‘ money.

US Postal Service ploughed between 2000 and 2004, a total of 32.3 million dollars in the team, Bruyneel and sign Lance Armstrong. The 1.228.700 dollar corresponds to 60 percent of the total amount (over $ 2 million) that Bruyneel during that period as a manager on salary and bonuses received. US Postal financed Tailwind Sports, the structure behind US Postal, whose Bruyneel as co-owner, for 60 percent.

Bruyneel must also 369.000 dollar to “civil penalties” to pay. That are penalties which a government can impose for breaches of the law.

The ruling of judge Christopher Cooper fits in a lawsuit that Floyd Landis, a former rider with US Postal, and whistleblower in the dopingaffaire-Armstrong, launched in 2010. Three years later, when Armstrong have been doping, had admitted on Oprah Winfrey, joined the American government in the matter. Who argued that US Postal never the team of Bruyneel would have sponsored if it was known that the team banned substances and blood transfusions used to cheat. The government claimed under the so-called “False Claims Act” almost 100 million dollars, three times the amount invested, but closed in april a deal with Armstrong. The fallen cycling hero will be given, which will be seven grand tour wins kwijtspeelde and lifelong was suspended, agreed to nearly $ 7 million to pay back.

Bruyneel decided in 2014 not to respond to the questions of the American courts. The government has interpreted that as a confession and Wednesday, there was finally a ruling.

Or Bruyneel the money will ever be refunded to the U.s. government, is very questionable since he did not live in the United States and no property. The West-Fleming spends his days in Madrid and London. “It is unlikely that a judgment for the overseas attachment is performed”, explains an expert of international law at USA Today.

Bruyneel, who today/Thursday, incidentally, his 54th birthday, is currently a ten-year suspension. Until June 2020, he may not position in the sport of cycling.

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