Jimmy Bennett breaks the silence about accusations against Argento

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The 22-year-old American actor Jimmy Bennett for the first time has spoken about the accusations of sexual abuse against the Italian actress Asia Argento has been expressed. Argento denies these accusations, but Bennett remains in his statements, he says in a letter to American media. He kept the abuse a long time for himself, because he is “ashamed and afraid” was, it sounds therein.

“I have been in the first instance, nothing about my story, because I chose it in the private sphere to settle with the person that is me that has done,” says Bennett in the statement. “My trauma is to the top when she herself as a victim might. I have the last days and hours of not responded, because I was ashamed and afraid. I was not ready to deal with the consequences of going public with my story.”

He remains, however, that the two had sex. “I’ve had many setbacks experienced in my life, and also this I will term a place. I want to go forward in my life, and choose today, no longer in silence.”

The New York Times brought the Argento-Bennett affair earlier this week to the light. The 42-year-old Italian would be the then 17-year-old actor in 2013 will be sexually abused in a hotel in California. The newspaper, relying on documents from the lawyers of Bennett, including a selfie of the two in bed and a letter of intent from the young actor, in which he 3.5 million dollars in compensation demands in exchange for mediastilte. Argento paid Bennett eventually 380.000 dollars to zwijggeld, according to the newspaper.

The Italian responded Tuesday to say that it was “shocked” at the allegations. “I’ve never had any sexual relationship with Bennett,” she says. According to Argento came the friendship between the two abruptly end after her revelations in the case of Harvey Weinstein. The Italian was said by the film producer raped at the Cannes film festival and acting since she was there during the most recent edition of Cannes outside came on as a figurehead in the #MeToo movement.

According to Bennett, “came the trauma is over, when they themselves as the victim came to the fore”, but Argento claims that the young actor’s financial problems and needed cash. The actress decided together with her recently deceased friend, the well-known chef Anthony Bourdain, the sum to pay to the adverse publicity, to avoid, she believes.

Argento and Bennett met each other in 2003 on the set of “The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things”. She plays a drug-addicted prostitute, he takes the role of her son. The two were in interviews, often about a ‘mother-zoonrelatie’ between them.

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