India rejects foreign aid after flood

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NEW DELHI – India has after the flood in Kerala not need financial support from foreign governments. It is a policy to rebuild after such a disaster, the fund, through the “domestic efforts”, said the Indian Foreign ministry after several countries assistance had been offered.

The southern state of Kerala went this month, weighed down by heavy rainfall, with flooding as a result. There were hundreds of deaths. Also, many thousands of homes destroyed, as well as bridges and roads. The damage runs probably in the billions.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offered after the disaster, converted to 86 million euros in financial aid, and Qatar a further 4.3 million euro. Many of the inhabitants of Kerala live and work in Gulf countries. The government of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has, so far, 6 billion rupee (74 million euros) defined benefit, which is considerably less then where from Kerala.

The Finance minister of Kerala reacted with disappointment to the decision of the government. He suggested that his state should be compensated for the decline of the foreign aid.

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