French rappers-fighters Booba and Kaaris released

3d7db587b2662ab4804938c075c6d066 - French rappers-fighters Booba and Kaaris released

The French rappers Booba and Kaaris today released subject to conditions. That report various French news sites. The two artists and their entourage were at the beginning of August clashed with each other in a departure hall of the Parisian airport Orly. The process follows on september 6.

The Paris court of appeal had the two fighters this morning released under conditions. They were already three weeks after the beginning of August with fighting each other were hit in the Orly airport of the French capital, Paris. The departure hall had, therefore, temporarily closed and some flights were delayed. The two were together with twelve men of their entourage were arrested. The 41-year-old Booba and his 38-year-old colleague Kaaris allowed France not to leave, and had every 30,000 euros to pay a deposit. They and their entourage are risking up to seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros.

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