Facebook removes app to exploit data

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MENLO PARK – Facebook has a quizje removed from the network because it is possible the data of approximately four million users has been compromised. It comes to myPersonality, which is mainly for 2012 was active. Users could answer questions about their personality. That was combined with personal information, after which people have a kind of a psychological profile of themselves were.

Facebook says that the myPersonality wanted to investigate, but that the people behind the app have not wanted to cooperate. “Also, it was clear that they information they shared with researchers and companies, with limited protections,” according to Facebook.

The platform has the last months thousands of apps examined. It was more than four hundred suspended because of possible misuse of data.

myPersonality is in 2007 made by a researcher from the university of Cambridge. It is not known whether there is a correlation with the large privacyschandaal around Cambridge Analytica. That company, which also is affiliated to the prestigious university, received the personal information of 87 million facebook users in the hands. That data would be used for targeted ads in the run-up to the U.s. presidential election and the British brexitreferendum.

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