Evacuations due to major forest fire in Germany

a2233f861f9b455426c4b9bb257bfee1 - Evacuations due to major forest fire in Germany

TREUENBRIETZEN – A large forest fire southwest of Berlin Thursday evening led to the evacuation of two villages. The authorities of the municipality of Treuenbrietzen, the inhabitants of Tiefenbrunnen and Klausdorf on their homes as quickly as possible, to leave taking with them the most necessary (paper and medicine) and the instructions of the emergency services to follow.

How many people a safe place to look is not known exactly. Now is already 300 acres destroyed by the flames. The population of the area is recommended that windows and doors closed to keep in connection with the smoke.

The fire started Thursday afternoon and quickly spread. The bluswerkzaamheden be complicated by the fact that there are in the area still have a lot of ammunition in the ground.

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