Erika Van Tielen combines Family with RTV

d398dcd1c5f7688d7732f85ed8d4c6f0 - Erika Van Tielen combines Family with RTV

More than three years ago, Erika Van Tielen working as nieuwsanker at RTV, the regional tv channel for the Kempen and Mechelen. There, she presents several times a month the daily news. Since a few years, combines Erika her job as nieuwsanker with that of actress. Erika took on the role of Amélie in the Family, something she particularly likes to do. Recently popped up on Facebook the message that Erika at RTV would stop because her role in the Family became too large. We put our ear to listen to RTV but there they deny this rumor. “This story is probably of fanciful”, general director Farid Khetouta of RTV us know. “Erika is like with still full on our presentatieplanning of RTV Today. During our live verkiezingsmarathon of 14 October, they will actually like you may expect an important role to play”, sounds the further.

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