Desperate Venezuelans eat rotten meat

b0ed3d720e13c798adbad676d2424b20 - Desperate Venezuelans eat rotten meat

Power outages in the Venezuelan port city of Maracaibo that freezer food is no longer fresh. Some residents do not have the resources to make something better than rotten meat to buy.

Some are sick of the rotten meat, but the low price, for many, the only way to meat to be able to afford. ‘It smells a bit dirty, but you can rinse it with a little vinegar and lemon, ” says Yeudis Luna, that discolored meat bought at a butcher’s shop in Maracaibo, to the news agency Associated Press.

The second largest city of Venezuela has, for the past nine months, with power outages to contend. In addition, was destroyed on August 10, a fire, a major power line that the city of 1.5 million inhabitants with electricity. This caused many cooling systems, food fresh held in the city. At least four butcher shops sell according to the Associated Press now tainted meat in Las Pulgas, the central market of Maracaibo.

Luna (55), a parking attendant, bought aware of rotting meat for him and his children, because otherwise they should hunger not. “I was afraid that the kids are sick, it should be because it is still small,” he said. ‘Only the smallest got diarrhea and had to vomit.’

Economic crisis

Venezuela is going through a severe economic crisis since four years ago, the oil prices collapsed. As a result of basic amenities such as running water and electricity are scarce. There are but few medicines, and hospitals can barely function.

In addition, there is a great shortage of basic food such as milk, flour and chicken. According to figures from the United Nations this year, more than 500,000 Venezuelans fled due to shortages of food.

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