China hits back with import levy on U.s. products

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The United States argued yesterday new import duties on Chinese products. Beijing hits back immediately with countermeasures. That while the two countries this week in Washington to discuss their handelsconflict.

Washington yesterday, the new tariffs of 25 percent on Chinese goods to the value of $ 16 billion. These include electrical machinery, chemical products, motorcycles and agricultural equipment.

China reacted immediately with charges for the same value on a number of U.s. products, including coal, medical instruments, cars and buses. The land of felt ‘forced’ to ‘necessary retaliation’ measures. It also wants the Chinese ministry of Commerce to lodge a complaint with the world trade organisation (WTO), because the U.s. levies the rules of the WTO would violate.

‘Unfair commercial practices’

The first round import duties was in July, with charges at about 34 billion dollars of goods. The government-Trump introduced the measures in to the Asian country to punish him for his ‘unfair commercial practices’. Both China and the United States have each other now rates imposed for the value of $ 50 billion.

In addition, the American commercial representation in July announced that a list had been prepared of 200 billion dollars of Chinese products to which additional import duties threaten to cancel since september. Beijing said that it would respond with charges to the value of $ 60 billion. The country the measure is not equal, because the United States much more goods from China import to China export.

Trump expects nothing of

For the first time since June, speak to representatives of both countries this week in Washington for new trade negotiations. Beijing hopes to have ‘a good outcome’, but the American president Donald Trump did this week at Reuters know that he is ‘not expecting much’ of the negotiations.

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