British prepared on a ‘no deal’ with Brexit

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The British government is to its citizens, businesses and other groups to advise on how they should prepare themselves for a akkoordloze Brexit.

The Brexit negotiations expired is difficult, and the possibility exists that there is absolutely no agreement is found between the EU and the United Kingdom. What then?

The EU published plans for that scenario, now follows the United Kingdom. At 12 o’clock Brexit-minister Dominic Raab, a part of the plans vary. The next few weeks, more than 80 “technical notes” was released. About various sectors where the Brexit an impact it will have, and the impact of a ‘no deal’ as small as possible.

“I remain convinced that a good agreement in sight, and that remains our priority, so is Raab announce. “But we must be ready for the alternative.”

According to British media, will EU citizens who are resident in the United Kingdom just in the country could remain in a no deal. Also the agriculture and the financial sector questions already longer for clarity. What, for example, with the foreign seasonal agricultural? Hospitals fear that they without drugs will fall.

In some cases, the United Kingdom will, according to the minister’s ‘unilateral actions’ taking responsibility to guarantee continuity, regardless of what the EU is doing.

The first set of documents is, according to the British government the ‘chilling schrikverhalen’ about a no deal disprove.

Economists fear that a akkoordloze Brexit the Uk economy will be hurt, since the trade with the EU will be subject to rates. Opposition Labour called a Brexit without consent is catastrophic. “If the publication of these documents, just an attempt to the severe consequences of no deal to mask as acceptable, then the whole exercise meaningless,” says spokesman Keir Starmer.

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