British opinion about Brexit without agreement

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LONDON – The British government starts advising people and companies about what they can expect and what they should do if there is no agreement about the Brexit comes between the European Union and Great Britain. That let the British government know. Thursday is the first advice published by Finance minister Dominic Raab. That, reports the BBC.

“An appointment with the EU still our priority,” said a government spokesman. “But we must everywhere prepare for this.”

One of the reasons that the Uk government advice is that there are many stories circulating about what a Brexit without an appointment means for the British. “We want to show that there is not much is true of all those ghost stories,” explains Raab. “I look forward to more clarity.”

Raab also let the BBC know that the British government, in some cases anyway, takes action to private citizens to help.

The spokesman of opposition party Labour has let us know that there was a treaty between Britain and the EU should come. “If there is no Brexit deal is, the government has tremendously failed.”

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