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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – rate analysis cw34 – floor educational shows for the time being effect

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The rebound that started already last week. Anyone who has followed the Updates, should be invested “Long”. The crucial question is as always: is there more to the top?

In order to give an Overview of the Top 3, here are the developments of Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP price will be presented. We also take, if possible, on prior rate analysis and look at what has happened since then.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

As before, the 6000 US Dollar mark in Bitcoin-rates. The expiration of the “last version” offered entry into the world of the perfect Long. The book profit when Bitcoin price has risen in the top ten percent. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is around 550 US dollars. Greater difficulties in the short-term will prepare an upward trend. This goes hand in hand currently with the medium-term downward trend. A further course is due to increases in travel, the Bitcoin price in a multiple resistance area.

The moving averages are on the verge of confirming a “Long Setup”.

Bullish Version:

The price of Bitcoin shows more strength and overcomes again the short-term downward trend. With prices of over US $ 7,000 in the medium term is to overcome the downward trend significant. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator, with rates more than 7,600 U.S. dollars to overcome the – tendency falling. The next important hurdle is at around 7,700 dollars. Price increases above 7.961 dollars greater to enable upward objectives:

  1. 9.261 US Dollar
  2. 9.726 US Dollar
  3. 11.540 US Dollar

Bearish Version:

Soil formation was a return to the higher-level downward movement. The multiple Resistances on the upper side can not be taken. The 23.6 percent Fibonacci Retracement confirms the price weakness in the Bitcoin price, and from here follows again the course of deep. With the collapse of the 5.877 US Dollar, the next price target is 5.428 US Dollar. This is not enough, threaten losses to around $ 5,000.

Ethereum (ETH/USD)

The objective of the course to the 241-US-Dollar-mark was already achieved last week. 25 percent of the book profit was up to. Ultimately, the Ethereum-rate, however, shows a very sluggish and weak. Significant price be sold-off gains in the daily chart. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is insane 120 US dollars from the current price, and thus underlines the weakness of Ethereum course.

Bullish Version:

The current setback is only to be regarded as a return on the support. Courses about 241 US dollars are used to Long positioning. The Ethereum-rate recovers and increases to about 365 US dollars, in order to confirm the bottom formation. The resistance range, the trend goes hand in hand with the short-term Down, will be overcome with rates of about 460 US dollars-falling–. In addition, the cloud of the Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is then outbid. From there increase to 624 US with a short-term rate to calculate dollars.

Major course objectives need to enable a significant increase in rates of about 684 US dollars. The following objectives are also enabled:

  1. 897 US dollars
  2. 1.021 dollars

Bearish Version:

The return to the Ethereum course a lack of buying already indicated interest. The gradient is high at 321 US dollars could not start-up once the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracment. Courses 241 US dollars associated with further losses to 196 dollars.

Ripple (XRP/USD)

The Ripple price is among the Top 3 Coins is still the best starting situation. The 0,24-US-Dollar-brand was announced in weeks, and since then, Ripple has seen only one direction: upwards. At least in terms of the Performance of the Ripple may show a course with a 43 percent rate gain significant strength.

The short-term downward trend comes closer to the Ripple of the course now always and thus you should be in Long positions on the hat. After all: The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is only 25 percent. The moving averages are, as before, of a “Short-Setup” convinced.

Bullish Version:

The Ripple-course can take advantage of the upward movement to continue. Of course can’t beat the $ 0.31. The short-term downward trend, currently standing at $ 0.37 – a decreasing trend is broken. An increase of about $ 0.45 is accompanied by the clear break of the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement. The cloud of Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator is exceeded, with rates above 0.50 US dollars, and as a result, a new buy-signal is generated.

In order to create a superior buy-signal, must be generated courses at 0.75 US Dollar. The following objectives are then:

  1. Of 0.93 US Dollar
  2. 1.15 US dollars
  3. US $ 1.37

Bearish Version:

The approaching downward trend, and the cloud of the Ichimoku-Kinko-Hyo-indicator, caps continue to be the course. The soil formation fails. The rate falls back below $ 0.31. Below 0.21 US dollars, the target price is 0.15 US dollars.


The planned “Long setup” to run as expected. Not only are the Top 3 Coins have been recovered in the last few days clearly, the whole crypto market is in a recovery. In the short term. The overall threat of the risk for further losses is, however, averted for a long time. Especially when you consider how much various Coins have lost the last months and weeks, it has only been a drop on the hot stone. Who is as a Trader, should have his Stop Losses in profit and can stand up to the thing relaxed.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

Images on the Basis of data from and at 14:40 on 22. August created. USD/EUR exchange rate at the time of writing: 0.86 Euro.

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