Bennett (then 17) says that he abuse by Argento wild orgasm

LOS ANGELES – The actor Jimmy Bennett wanted to dwell that he was abused by actress Asia Argento, a champion of the #MeToo-movement, as takes he.

Asia Argento Jimmy Bennett

When Argento in november last year, Harvey Weinstein accused of rape, decided Bennett contact with her search. My trauma came back up when she said that she herself is a victim”, in a statement by Bennett.

The actor asked to zwijggeld, because he was scared and embarrassed. ,,I was not ready for the consequences it would have if the story public. I thought that people would not understand,” explains Bennett. According to Bennett, has Argento him abused when he was 17 years old and she 37.

Argento denies Bennett to have abused and says that the money that they gave to him,, was intended to be the actor from the financial problems, to help.

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