Australian prime minister fights against political seizure

fe3af5f1322c9ab61e0bbb83a2e5eb71 - Australian prime minister fights against political seizure

By an internal power struggle depends to the Australian government on the ropes. The position of the Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is struggling.

The Australian prime minister seems to be on the way to the exit. The reason is a serious power struggle within the ruling Liberal Party. Several party members want Turnbull gone as party leader.

The 63-year-old government survived Tuesday is still pretty tight, an internal vote on the chairmanship of the conservative party. In Australia, the chairman of the largest opposition party, also the prime minister.

But the preoccupations of the prime minister are not yet over. His main rival Peter Dutton stepped in after the vote on the minister of the Interior. In total have at least thirteen ministers resigned and submitted. The division remains very high.

Turnbull has said that he is willing to put his leadership to give up as his rivals gain enough support for a new internal vote. The deadline for this is Friday afternoon. If a majority of his position as party leader in question, he will not throw to do more to leadership. Friday may the so over and out for Turnbull.

Dutton, in this case, however, not yet of the presidency and its prime minister assured. Current Budget minister Scott Morrison, however, still loyal to Turnbull, threw herself Thursday, also on as a replacement of the premier, as the minister for foreign affairs Julie Bishop.

The majority has in the meantime a session of the parliament is suspended until ten september in an attempt to bring the crisis to avert.

Since 2007, no Australian prime minister for a full term of presidency. Three prime ministers by party members to the output.

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