Artist fined for push-ups in basilica

The German video artist Alexander Karle must be due to a series of push-ups on the altar of the basilica of St. Johann in the West German city of Saarbrücken, a fine of 600 euros to pay. He has been guilty of huisvredebreuk and disrupting a religious worship, according to the court.

Mid-may was the 40-year-old artist has by the court been found guilty. The size of the fine was Thursday certain. The artist accepts the penalty.

Karle filmed the push-ups to a 92 seconds long piece of art to produce, that he was under the name ‘Pressure to Perform’ on YouTube has posted.

The artist is considering whether he will refer the case to the federal constitutional court will bring, because he feels that the verdict is a violation of his right to artistic freedom.

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