Also Medialaan wants to “Flemish Netflix”

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The company of Medialaan and De Persgroep wants to be a “Flemish Netflix” to develop. That the CEO’ad interim of the company, Erwin Deckers and Dirk Lodewyckx, today announced. Last month also showed Proximus topvrouw Dominique Leroy know to do the same work, but a joint project, there doesn’t seem to come. Medialaan is the other television channels to launch.

Netflix and other streaming services chip away viewers from the traditional linear channels. So it’s no surprise that Medialaan, the parent company of VTM and Q2, that model wants to copy. Willing to the sea with all the Flemish channels. Abroad it also happens in this way: in the Netherlands, for example, are programs of 12 channels bundled in the ad-free platform NLZiet. It costs 7,95 euro per month.

Medialaan for the “Flemish Netflix” not a monthly rate in mind, but it is in fact intended to also without advertising to work. When the service launched, it will be is not yet clear. First Medialaan, after all, the other media groups across the line to draw. The negotiations on that have yet to begin.

Pending remains Medialaan to tinker with his own offer. So it replaces the free version of Stievie coming winter by the new platform VTM Go. With Stievie Free, that just a year ago was freshened up, users can use the Medialaan channels live view and programs of those channels to a week after broadcast request. In the paid version, that “until further notice”, however, continues to exist, there are still competing channels of the VRT and SBS.

With VTM Go go Medialaan a step further: programs will be up to 30 days after broadcast can be viewed and there is a large catalog of programs that Medialaan in his portfolio. Viewers will, therefore, also certain sequences can bingewatchen, what with Stievie was not possible. VTM Go free, but will be just as Stievie Free personalized advertisements.

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