Already there are 8,000 Americans want money after using Roundup

72158d0488702a8dd97b3eb6efdb2500 - Already there are 8,000 Americans want money after using Roundup

Against Monsanto, the producer of the well-known weed killer Roundup, are in the US, some 8,000 claims have been submitted. The authors find that they are not warned for the dangers of the way, and require compensation.

That has ceo Werner Baumann Monsanto-owner Bayer communicated. The figures date from July. That is still before a court in California Monsanto in early August sentenced to 289 million euros to pay compensation to a gardener that Roundup had been used and was suffering from a terminal cancer. He keeps in mind that there to 10,400 complaints against the company be filed.

Bayer remains in the product Roundup, defend, and says that numerous scientific studies demonstrate that the product is not harmful. The chemiereus hopes that a judge would appeal the ruling destroys. ‘The number of complaints is not a measure of how well-founded those complaints, ” said Bauman during a call with financial analysts.

Monsanto is taken over by the German Bayer (eur 54 billion). The decision of the court in California has it’s share of Bayer on the stock exchange with more than 10 percent and plunging. Investors fear that damages and the value of the company decrease.

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