Already more than 200 tips about the murder of Nicky (11) after DNA match

4be3a57d6e9cf0574bb669cef8580010 - Already more than 200 tips about the murder of Nicky (11) after DNA match

The Dutch police on Wednesday hundreds of tips about the whereabouts of the suspect in the case of Nicky Verstappen. The police will not be on the content.

The Public Prosecutor and the police made earlier Wednesday announced that the 55-year-old Jos Brech is internationally sought for involvement in the death of the eleven-year-old Nicky Verstappen in 1998. The police can DNA traces that after 20 years are found on the body of the boy matches with that of Brech.

Since april is missing any trace of the suspect. The police note that Brech abroad. Therefore, it is the news story about the breakthrough in the case is translated in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Accidental passers-by

Nicky Verstappen from Heibloem, Limburg in the Netherlands, disappeared in the night of 9 to 10 August 1998 during a summer camp at the Brunssummerheide. His body was the following evening near the camp found. The boy was sexually abused.

Last year, in this cold case, a call to more than 20,000 men to DNA. Ended up more than 15,000 men DNA – the largest DNA-verwantschapsonderzoek that ever in the Netherlands is held – but Brech was not among them.

For a DNA testing that happened earlier was Brech not selected, because he was seen as a casual passer-by.

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