Again, feel the victims pain: ’Excuusbrief He is just bullying’

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ANTWERP – The letter that Marc Dutroux to survivors will send, is bad in Belgium. Carine Russo, the mother of a victim of Mélissa, and Jean-Denis Lejeune, the father of victim Julie, we are talking about ’bullying’ and mental torture. “I can assure you that when he is released, I was in the area.”

Carine Russo and Jean-Denis Lejeune.

Soon, Sabine Dardenne, Laetitia Delhez and the parents of Julie, Mélissa, An and Eefje received a letter from Bruno Dayez, the lawyer of Marc Dutroux. His client has the letter been reviewed and after some changes approved. He wants his repentance join the show for his actions against the victims and their parents.

“I am close to despair. We are trying, after so many years, a normal life to suffer, but Bruno Dayez there is always something on to us again in our suffering to push. I call it bullying,” says Carine Russo, the mother of Mélissa. “We, the victims or the parents of the victims, be used to make progress in his file (about the early release of Dutroux, ed.) but if we want to continue with our lives, they should stop with our wounds to remain open to tear. Even worse: Bruno Dayez throws even acid over”, responds the woman.

Dog and cat

The letter fits into the strategy of Dayez to his client early to get free. “No one has anything to lose,” said Dayez about it earlier this week. “It has no longer sense that my client and the survivors as a dog and cat facing each other behave.”

But that statement is Russo in the wrong throat shot. “A dog and a cat? Bruno Dayez is no teacher that two fighting children apart, will have to pick up in a children’s playground. We are the past years is very clear: we want no contact with the client of this lawyer. By the way, if I letter get, I will still not read. I don’t see what he would bring.”

“I will be there’

Jean-Denis Lejeune, father of Julie, has written a letter on Facebook that his daughter was targeted. “My beloved,” begins the letter. “I will never go in his (Dutroux, ed.) game to used free. Mr. Dayez torments us constantly with his publications, interviews, and other actions, in favor of a man who has children kidnaps, rapes, tortures, kills or allows to die of hunger and thirst. (…) I can’t understand that no one Dayez to reason. (…) But I can assure you, darling, that when he is released, I’m already in the neighborhood.”

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