18 months in prison after complaining about loud mosque

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A woman is Tuesday in Indonesia sentenced to eighteen months in prison for blasphemy, after they had complained about noise from a mosque. Local muslim organisations have criticised the judgment.

The 44-year-old woman experienced regular noise of the azan, the traditional call muslims to pray needed to be. The woman, who is himself a buddhist, had the leaders of the mosque, therefore, repeatedly asked that the call not so loud to play.

The woman was, however, indicted for blasphemy by a court in the province of North Sumatra sentenced to 18 months in prison. Local muslim organisations are, however, not to speak about that conviction. “I don’t see how a complaint about a loud azan blasphemy could be or an expression of hate or hostility towards a religious group,” says the Indonesian islamgeleerde and lawyer Robikin Emhas against The Guardian.

Amnesty International called the conviction of the wife ‘ridiculous’. Critics have been saying for some time that Indonesia are controversial blasfemiewetgeving abused ethnic and religious minorities to attack.

The lawyer of the 44-year-old Indonesian woman has, meanwhile, published an appeal to will appeal the sentence.

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