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Yellow Tigers have EK-ticket and group profit as well as to address

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The Belgian women have their EK-ticket and group profit as well as to address, after a hotly contested win (25-23, 25-16, 25-21) against Slovenia.

With a fifteen minutes delay – that is the Antwerp ring road again – started the Yellow Tigers in Deurne for a sold-out Arena (1.200 fans just about) to their third qualifying match against the also undefeated Slovenia. That they this time it’s not in gift packaging, soon became clear. The Belgian reception saw stars, while the visitors will be able to cope with their vaunted servicedruk (11-16). A string of substitutions and a couple of stripes of a good Marlies Janssens could eventually have unexpected rescue.

It remained, however, to toil. Only halfway through the second set, solved the problem of the Slovenian women’s role. The Yellow Tigers went on their momentum further (5-2), stumbled still stubborn resistance, but gave the profits not out of your hands.

Saturday still awaits a undoubtedly hot second leg in Maribor. In the other match of the group, Israel won with 3-0 Iceland (25-19, 25-20, 25-18). The Tigers go with 3 victories in the lead for Slovenia (2), Israel (1) and Iceland (0). The ” home against Israel and the away game against Iceland until the beginning of next year completed. The first two from the group qualify for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

Belgium started with Britt Herbots, Laura Heyrman, Celine Van Gestel, Kaja Grobelna, Marlies Janssens, Ilka Van de Vyver and libero’s Lisa Neyt and Jodie Guilliams. Nathalie Lemmens, Jutta Van de Vyver and Karolina Goliath came in.

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