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Vanderhaeghe: “Henry trainer of Bordeaux? As long as he is not playing, it makes me not”

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Thursday night will receive AA Gent in the heenwedstrijd of the play-offronde in the Europa League Girondins de Bordeaux. The Buffalo’s face a French opponent in crisis but still expects Yves Vanderhaeghe that qualification for the group stage is a tough job.

In the third preliminary round was Gent two times too strong for the Polish Jagiellonia Bialystok. “With a very young team, we played very mature football against the Poles. Now wait for the French Bordeaux. That is also not an easy task, but we believe that we are the Girondins side”, told the Gent trainer the day before the match at the Ghelamco Arena. “We have the team repeatedly scouted. The conclusion is that details will make the difference. They have a physically strong team but the physical strength, we also. We are not going to wait and see but from minute one, there full of for. They are allowed to have their game not intrude.”

Bordeaux missed with 0 to 6 are competitiestart and in addition was coach Gustavo Poyet last week on non-active set after a few verbal tricks.

“It is said that Bordeaux into a full-blown crisis, but I think that’s a bit exaggerated. The press plays also a role in it. There is often exaggerated in the media, and not only in France”, grinned Vanderhaeghe. “Bordeaux holds talented players. In addition, the successor of Poyet, a interimcoach, some of the other men called. New blood usually gives even new courage.”

In the meantime, Thierry Henry called as the successor of Poyet. “I’m glad that he is no longer on the mat but also makes me really doesn’t matter who the trainer in the other dug-out”, emphasized the Gent coach. “We have two matches sensible soccer. I hope that the supporters from the kick-off immediately behind us.”

Good news for the city is that Dylan Bronn for the first time this season in the selection. The Tunisian defender fell at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia with a knee injury against the Red Devils.

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