Trump let states decide for themselves how much they pollute

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Donald Trump made on a campagnebijeenkomst in West Virginia clear what he thinks of coal.

The government of American president Donald Trump has a proposal ready to the policies of predecessor Barack Obama for clean energy to replace. The plan states, amongst other things, to themselves to set rules for their coal fired power plants, which, according to critics of the dangerous consequences it can have for the environment.

The U.s. environmental agency (EPA) has a counter-proposal to the Clean Power Plan, the rules and regulations for clean energy, former president Barack Obama. Doing so would states need to provide what their plans are to increase the efficiency of coal to improve. There are guidelines from the federal government about emissions, but the states are given a margin to set the bar less high.

They may in addition take into account the age of the power plants and the cost of certain improvements. By the new regulations, would the owners of those power plants are also saved from costly permits for those improvements.

“The time of top-down, uniform federal rules is over,” declared EPA’s executive chairman Andrew Wheeler, who previously as a lawyer of steenkoolmagnaten Obama’s environmental regulations aanvocht and worked for a senator that the climate change denies. Wheeler is deputy chief of the EPA since Scott Pruitt resigned after he compromised was reached by a series of scandals.

Trump: “We love beautiful, clean coal’

From the documents that the EPA neighbour, it turns out that the environmental organization is expected that the CO2 emissions by the new policy to be higher than would be the case with the regulations of the Clean Power Plan. That would, by 2030, is also the case for premature deaths, hospital admissions, asthma cases and days of sickness at school as the result of pollution.

‘A hard-coal power station efficiency, owners may have more hours to run, so the total CO2 emissions rises’, fear is also the environmental organization Natural Resources Defense Council.

The (democratic) state attorneys general of the states of Virginia and New York were already know that they have the regulation, will be challenging if that law is. “I will do all the necessary to the application of these dangerous and completely inadequate replacement of the Clean Power Plan to stop,” says attorney general Mark Herring of Virginia.

President Trump picked up on a campagnebijeenkomst in steenkoolstaat West Virginia all out with his plans. “We love the beautiful, clean coal from West Virginia. That is indestructible stuff.’ Trump said earlier that he put an end to the ‘war on coal’ and the domestic production of fossil fuels a boost and wanted to give.

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