Trump hits back to lawyer Cohen

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WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump on Twitter hard out at his former private attorney Michael Cohen. “If someone was a lawyer, I would emphatically the services of Michael Cohen discourage.”

Cohen has told a federal judge announced that he campagneregels has violated in command of Trump. A crime under U.s. law. Trump denied via Twitter that there was a crime. “President Obama also had serious violations of the campagneregels, but that was smoothly suitable.”

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Cohen was for many years the personal attorney and adviser to Trump. He was also, as his loyal ’control’.

Cohen was in the news by the pay of 130,000 dollar porn actress Stormy Daniels, who claims a sexual affair to have had with Trump. Ex-playmate Karen McDougal got through to him for similar reason, one and a half tons ’zwijggeld’.

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