Trump about Manafort: “I am not involved’

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The American president Donald Trump distances himself from the crimes of Paul Manafort. About Michael Cohen was silent for some time he.

For a campagnerally in West Virginia responded to Donald Trump on the condemnation of his former campaign manager Paul Manafort for fraud and tax evasion.

‘Paul Manafort is a good man, ” said Trump. “I’m not involved, but I feel I’m still, you know, it is very sad. This has nothing to do with Russian interference. This is a witch hunt that shameful end.’

The condemnation of Manafort is the first victory in the courtroom of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, that the Russian interference in the election campaign of 2016 will be explored.


A question from a journalist about the schuldigverklaringen of Michael Cohen ignored the president. Trumps former lawyer has said that he is in command of Trump zwijggeld paid to the women with whom He was having an affair would have had. And that is to influence elections.

Rudy Giuliani, the attorney for Trump, has in a statement or responded to. ‘In the indictment against Cohen, there are no allegations listed against the president. It is clear that, as the prosecutor has noted, the actions of Cohen, a pattern of lies and dishonesty over a considerable period of time to reflect.’

Political nightmare

The two lawsuits are a political nightmare for the Us president. Nancy Pelosi, the chairman of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, speaks of ‘rampant corruption and crime in the inner circle of Trump’. She calls the Republicans in Congress for their ‘complicity’ with the president to end and they need to be for her, ” to make clear that no one is above the law’.

The lawyer Michael Cohen says that his client is his family and country above his loyalty to Trump. “He has under oath stated that Donald Trump sent him for committing a crime with the payment to two women to influence elections. If such payments a crime for Michael Cohen, why would they then not a crime for Donald Trump?’

According to legal experts, is the chance, however small that Trump during his administration be prosecuted. Also any impeachment process is still far away.

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