Toddler 2 hours lost, Belgian parents have nothing by

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DIEST – Agents in the Belgian Diest have Wednesday for two hours, a toddler of two years should entertain, that alone through the village of rondzwerfde. Her parents were, after two hours of localized. They had nothing by.

The centre of Diest. Where the girl exactly ran, is not published.

“A passer-by found the baby around 08.00 hours,” says superintendent Jan Vanhauweren of the police to The Latest News. “The child was cheerful and in good health, but could not make it clear where it came from. Our people have about her is important.”

Where her parents lived, could the girl not be immediately apparent. An intensive search followed. First were pictures of the child. Those photos were six agents will then be on the road. Others have sought office in the registry.

“Finally, after two hours, we could see the parents and the little girl’s home, some five hundred metres from the spot where she was found,” continues the chief of police. “The parents had her disappearance have not yet noticed. The mother was sleeping because at night, they had worked and the father was out of the house, while he thought the girl was sleeping.”

The girl had his door opened and was at the walking gone’, according to the police. She makes it at this time fine. How the parents exactly reacted when agents their daughter binnenbrachten, says the police.

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