Timmermans warns of new nationalism

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BRUSSELS, Frans Timmermans, the vice-president of the European Commission, warns Europe’s new nationalism. He does that in a statement on the occasion of the annual EU-day of remembrance for victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.

Frans Timmermans.

“We must continue to tell what in the past in Europe, so we don’t make the same mistakes in the future,” he writes in a joint statement with commissioner Vera Jourova (justice). “Especially now that the European standards for human dignity, fundamental rights, the rule of law and democracy are challenged by extremist, nationalist and divisive rhetoric.”

The EU day of remembrance every year on 23 August, the day when in 1939 nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop pact locks, the non-aggression pact between the two forces.

“This pact plunged Europe even deeper into one of the darkest periods. Millions of people were killed and generations of Europeans signed”, says Timmermans and Jourova. “The names of the millions of victims of dictatorial regimes must be maintained, and the memories kept alive.”

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