The Dutch court has, after 20 years of suspect for murder of 11-year-old boy

77413ede2577a9acfcb1d6e1bb7aad86 - The Dutch court has, after 20 years of suspect for murder of 11-year-old boy

The Dutch public prosecution service has a view on a suspect of the murder of Nicky Verstappen (11), which, 20 years ago, death was found. The man is tracked down.

The 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen in 1998, was found dead in the Dutch-Limburg Brunssummerheide, after he was at a youth camp had participated. A perpetrator was never apprehended, but the court has, thanks to a DNA match a suspect.

It comes to Jos Brech (55). He lived at the time of the murder in Simpelveld, a dozen kilometers of Transport. The man had no connection to his victim, but his name was listed in the police file, as a passer-by. Around 00.30 hours on August 12, walked the man along at the crime scene, and his name was then written down. Later, he was two times interrogated. The man was rather suspicious of a zedenfeit, but that case was then dropped.

‘Don’t know where he is’

The man would still be alive, but he left in October of 2017 abroad. He is now wanted by the police. “We don’t know where he is’, approved Jan Moose, officer of justice in the province of Limburg, on Wednesday at a press conference.

Last year, in this cold case, a call to more than 20,000 men to DNA. Ended up more than 15,000 men DNA – the largest DNA-verwantschapsonderzoek that ever in the Netherlands is held – but Brech was not among them.

For a DNA testing that happened earlier was Brech not selected, because he was seen as a casual passer-by.

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