T. behind bars in the third season, Professor T.

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France, Australia and Germany can already be a year to enjoy the adventures of professor T., in the Czech republic, he is still a novelty, but here in Belgium, it is already eagerly looking forward to the final, third season. After the brilliant – and sometimes also a bit too direct – politieconsultant Jasper Teerlinck, aka professor T. (Koen De Bouw), at the end of last season, the corrupt commissioner Serge Lauwers shot down to his great love by Christina long island to protect, begins season 3 with professor T. behind bars.

The stay in the jail continues to be a hellish ordeal for a man with autism and the But gradually it will be Professor T. his new life embrace. Even more, he picks up an old habit again when a fellow prisoner called on him to prove his innocence. The popularity of the professor within the prison grows and the prisoners are literally in a row for a consultation. Not only fellow prisoners but also the Federal Judicial Police do back call on the services of Professor T.

After a revealing testimony of his mother, the life of the professor, however, again on his head. The testimony rijt the past and do Jasper in the darkest time of his life – his father’s suicide to relive it. Together with ex-commissioner Flamant deepens T. in what for him is the ultimate file. During his investigation the viewer will discover in this final season together with professor T. how the traumatic events of his personality have been formed and him to the unique professor.

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