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South Korea explores the electoral system on the Blockchain

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What do Sierra Leone, the US state of West Virginia and the crypto Valley train have in common? They all have recognized the possibilities of the Blockchain technology for a transparent and secure electoral system. Now South Korea wants to follow them, and this together with the crypto company icon loop a number of options to explore.

Actually, the Blockchain and elections fit together perfectly. While the brings an almost indelible data storage, the other absolute protection against tampering. In Sierra Leone, West Virginia, and the Swiss train has recognised this harmony already. Now, South Korea.

The electoral system of the next Generation?

In a Medium Post, the ICON Foundation has announced proudly that the Blockchain Department of the company, icon, loop, the South Korean government will serve as a consultant in question is the Blockchain technology. The National information Agency of Korea (NIA) made the decision to do so on the crypto-companies. Monitored by the National election Commission of Korea (NEC). The aim of the cooperation is the “establishment of an electoral system of the new Generation, which will be based on information technology”.

According to icon loop to give its Know-how in the construction of a block chain-based vote-counting system. But not only is the Blockchain will play a role, but also other innovative technologies, such as Artificial intelligence and Big Data. The crypto-company of this collaboration will be very honored:

“We are proud to be a part of the electoral system of the next Generation, in order to promote and enhance democracy, which we recognise as an important issue. We expect to create a real use case for Blockchain technology.“

Various aspects of the electoral system to be studied by icon loop in cooperation with the NIA and the NEC to determine the extent to which the Blockchain technology may find application. This includes candidate registration, the election process and the ballot count. The crypto-company is convinced that the technical improvements in these areas will offer voters More convenience, transparency, Fairness and privacy. Also, the remote voting system for Korean voters living abroad, could benefit from the DLT.

The next presidential election is to be held in South Korea in the year 2022. So there is still some time to check all the possibilities of the Blockchain to support a fair and safe electoral system.

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