Sacrificial animals will not allow themselves to sacrifices

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BURSA – dozens of stubborn Turks are the last days injured during the Ceremony. They wanted to per se, itself, an animal slaughter, but they had better have a butcher can enable. As practitioners know, in contrast to amateurs, how you panikerende animals must deal.

This bull is not just won.

Saw a man from the near of Antalya how a raging bull with his two sons under the hooves vertrappelde. “We wanted him to eat, but he was about to get us to eat”, told the father to a local newspaper. The boys had to control to the doctor.

And in the city of Bursa leap of a goat in a panic of three high up, down on the head of a 50-year-old man. That is now in the hospital with two cracks in his skull. The goat could not fulfill his destiny to escape and ended up on the spit.

The amateur butchers injuring themselves regularly. A man from central Anatolia wielded his knife so heavy, that he his own leg open cut. He was there afterwards to laugh, so he said to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet: “I always arrange for people who are themselves wounded during the slaughter. And now I’m one of them.”

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