’Protests in Romania were couppoging’

f912da675e22d921a80d7ec1380ad9d1 - ’Protests in Romania were couppoging’

BUCHAREST – The leader of Romania’s ruling party PSD has a large-scale protest against corruption and his government “a failed coup”. The social democratic leader, Liviu Dragnea complained in an interview with television station Antena 3, that president Klaus Iohannis of the protesters encouragement.

Dragnea in the government is very influential.

About 100,000 people went on the 10th of August to the streets to demonstrate against the government. The riot police used a water cannon and fired tear gas. Some demonstrators threw rocks and bottles, but on video is also to see how agents take on protesters who have their hands in the air have put. Hundreds of people had afterwards medical help is needed.

Iohannis has the action of the security forces convicted. Dragnea accuses him now, the police have undermined and protesters have turned to violence. The PSD leader made it clear preferably want to get rid of the president, who had previously clashed with the government. Which forced, among other things, that Iohannis, the head of the department of anti-corruption (DNA) had to dismiss.

Dragnea in the government is very influential. He can no prime minister due to a conviction for unauthorized verkiezingspraktijken.

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