Now the heavy earthquake for Venezuela

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The ‘Tower of David’ in Caracas.

An earthquake with a strength of 7.33 has the east coast of Venezuela hit. For now, there are no casualties reported and seems to be the damage to fall, but it is a yet another blow for the Venezuelans. In Brazil Venezuelan refugees from fear of violence, meanwhile, spread across the country.

The northeast of Venezuela, was Tuesday afternoon to 5.31 local time is affected by one of the largest earthquakes the country has ever experienced, with a magnitude of 7.3. The quake, whose epicenter twenty kilometres from the town of Yaguaraparo, in the state of Sucre was, took place at a depth of 123 kilometers.

Thus it appears the damage is to fall, all kantelden in the capital Caracas with the top five floors destroyed the ‘Tower of David, an abandoned skyscraper that acted as well in the series ‘Homeland’. According to Venezuelan overheidsbronnen there are currently no reports of injuries. Also the oil fields and refineries of the staatsoliebedrijf PDVSA would function normally.

The quake was felt in neighboring Colombia and nearby islands like St. Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago. There were reports of cracks in buildings, debris on cars fell, and the electricity went out.

Brazil moved refugees

The earthquake is very inconvenient for Venezuela, with a crippling economic crisis it faces. There are but few medicines, and hospitals can barely function. In addition, there is a great shortage of basic food products like milk and chicken. That also has to bloody street protests led.

The hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who, through Colombia, to family in Peru and Chile try to flee, and who threaten now to come and sit. Transit country Ecuador leave no Venezuelans more within that no valid passport, and also in Peru, they are not welcome anymore.

In the north of Brazil were tent camps with Brazilian refugees even attacked by locals. The government has announced that more than a thousand migrants will be spread across the country. That happened previously also with 820 other Venezuelans.

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