Migrants storm Spanish exclave, pelting policemen with lime

22ca7ac2e281c83d22d13a15fe3ffcdf - Migrants storm Spanish exclave, pelting policemen with lime

A new day of African migrants are at least 115 people from the Moroccan territory from the Spanish exclave Ceuta hit.

Wednesday morning, the migrants with violence in the six-metre high double limes wall to climb, said a spokesman of the government in Ceuta. In an attempt to bring the migrants to fend off walked seven police officers injured. One of there was worse and needed for treatment to the hospital.

The refugees attacked the agents with caustic lime, which, upon contact with the skin of the dangerous burns. In total, 300 migrants tried grensafsluiting to get’, tweette the Spanish Guardia Civil.

According to El País tried the migrants with kniptangen a portion of the fences by cutting. “A number of them climbed over the fence and others went through it,” quotes the Spanish newspaper of a police officer. They behaved ‘violent and aggressive’. Five of them were cuts.

Improvised flame throwers

At the end of July were more than 600 migrants to be, at the same place at the border of Ceuta. Had four members of the Guardia Civil to be treated, after migrants also lime and makeshift flame throwers were used. It was the largest assault in years.

Spain holds in North Africa, the two enclaves, which Morocco claimed: Ceuta at the Straits of Gibraltar and 250 km further east lies located in Melilla. In the environment of both areas to wait tens of thousands of Africans on an opportunity to be in Europe to get.

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