Migrants still stuck on the ship, Italian coast guard

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There is still no agreement about the migrants on board of the Diciotti, the ship of the Italian coast guard that moored in the port of the Sicilian Catania. That says the European Commission on Wednesday, which suggests that, as yet, no EU member state has offered to the migrants to catch.

After several days ronddobberen in the Mediterranean Sea if the Diciotti with on board 177 on the sea, rescued persons in the night from Monday to Tuesday mooring in the Sicilian Catania. The crew allowed the ship, however, still does not leave.

The Commission said the member states ‘coordination and support’ to deliver and also to our diplomatic weight in the scale to throw a quick solution to the situation, ” says spokeswoman Tove Ernst. “We are talking here about people, about 177 persons, and, of course, would be for everyone, the priority must be to ensure that these people receive the care that they need.”

In the meantime, the Commission gave Italy 9 million euros to healthcare in the shelters for more than 42,000 asylum seekers to improve. This is the migratiefinanciering to Rome on more than 200 million euros.

Italy and Malta argue

The migrants may, of the Italian minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini only disembark when other European governments agree to them to catch. The ship of the Italian coastguard picked up the migrants Thursday in Maltese waters. Since then, feuding Malta and Italy over whose responsibility it is to get the people on board.

Salvini said Tuesday that several EU countries had promised migrants to catch that last month in Sicily came ashore, their promise is not met. The Maltese government said that the Italian authorities in Malta not to follow procedure.

The Maltese army was Wednesday, also known that the hundred migrants from the Mediterranean Sea had saved. Their vessel was located at 126 kilometers south of Malta and was in danger of going under. On board of that vessel were also two lifeless bodies.

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