Micha Marah is ready for new season Hadiemicha 2.0

b8a66052fab20792be0d6eff6fbf2df5 - Micha Marah is ready for new season Hadiemicha 2.0

The successful program Hadiemicha 2.0 has been running since 2 October 2016 on Ment Tv. Currently transmitted on the channel shown. Micha Marah told Friday in “the hour of truth” at the end of this month, the filming of a new season Hadiemicha 2.0 will be launched. There will according to Micah sufficient material to be included from Sunday 30 september to be able to start with the new broadcasts.
What is new is that it will be extended to all kinds of people that have BV. In the past there were only singers eligible to do this. These well-known persons will then have their preference of music may pass and these clips are then rotated between the calls. What is important is that the artist in question, central will remain in the broadcast.

We are looking forward to the new season of Hadiemicha 2.0 that on Sunday 30 september at 21h, it will start on Ment Tv.

(Nico Vanaken)

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