Margriet Hermans from HD and D shall be deleted

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As of 21 October would Margriet Hermans, Jef De Smedt and Jacky Lafon together in the humorous show HD and D shown in Kusttheater ’t Colisée to Blankenberge. Wednesday afternoon, the organizers decided to have the collaboration with Margriet Hermans to stop. Different ticketkopers had let it be understood that they would prefer not to have the show come to look after the comments of Margriet Hermans-in and Day-All of last week. Margaret gave while a score of 6.5 on 10 but had among other things criticized the music, the composition of the show and the theme. That comments just a colleague, came to Jacky hard. Jacky admitted that the day on which Margriet was present on a technical level, certainly could be better but the audience were, however, satisfied. “Sorry girl, I thought it was not good,” said Margaret outspoken against Jacky. This week tells Margaret in the Tv Family that one and another so was not intended but that it really was not very good compared to previous years. What there also is, Margriet has in October and november some of the free data extra in her diary for Wednesday, organisers have let her know that she was deleted from the show for a few weeks Kusttheater ’t Colisée in Blankenberge to see. Currently they are seeking someone to take the place of Margaret in. Soon hope the organizers that name is known.

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