Marc Dutroux writes letter to victims

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BRUSSELS – The victims and survivors of Marc Dutroux received one of these days a letter that the Belgian child murderer repents for his actions. According to his lawyer, that the text with the approval of Dutroux has been prepared, it is a “soothing letter, an opening.”

The letter is part of a proposed request for conditional release of the now 61-year-old Dutroux, who in 2004 was sentenced to life sentence for murder, rape, kidnapping, torture and imprisonment. He was in 1996 arrested for the kidnapping of six girls, of whom only two, Laetitia Delhez and Sabine Dardenne, survived. The then fourteen and twelve year old girls were in his house discovered.

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Lawyer Bruno Dayez will send the letter to Delhez and Dardenne, and to the parents of the murdered Julie Lejeune, Mélissa Russo, An Marchal and Eefje Lambrechts. He had writing already announced in may.

“We want no war,’ says Dayez, who several times was threatened since he was in 2013, in the case of Dutroux took. Just had the court a request for conditional release rejected. “The kidnapper wants to apologize,” said Dayez. Also it says “the door is open for victims and survivors who, with different questions and requests.”

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In may responded the father of the murdered An Marchal is already on the announcement. “That letter fits into the plan of the lawyer for Dutroux to get free. We have nothing more to search,” said Paul Marchal, then. “I don’t understand what he wants to say, after 23 years.”

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