Madonna responds to criticism VMA’s

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“I have a part of my “journey” I explained and thank Aretha for her inspiration during this journey.”

Madonna has a lot of criticism on him, after her speech about Aretha Franklin during the MTV VMA’s. According to many viewers went to the speech, namely mainly about herself instead of about The Queen of Soul. Madonna was served for narcissist and she had Aretha more ‘shine’. According to The Queen of Pop puts it all very differently, so let them know on Instagram.

“Just to be clear: I was by MTV and asked to see the Video of the Year to present! And when they asked me to have some anecdotes to share about my career which is linked were to Aretha Franklin. I have a part of my “journey” I explained and thank Aretha for her inspiration during this journey. It was absolutely no homage, because then I had to 2 minutes and really never had enough during such a busy award show. I would never have enough honor to be able to prove in such a situation. Unfortunately, some people have a short attention span and judging them quickly. I love Aretha, R. E. S. P. E. C. T.! ” says Madonna.

These words of Madonna made little impression on her followers, which are often destructive to me. “With the year more unbearable. Disappear please, so that we to you old hits can continue to listen without you egotrippen,” someone wrote. Another added: “Once again, it lets you see again how mad you are. You pathetic speech went only about yourself. But we all know how irrelevant you are with the stupid texts that come out of your mouth. In place of pay tribute to a woman who pave the way for you and many others, let you only see how sad, selfish and love yourself you are.”

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