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Liechtenstein: Union Bank AG, plans Security Token and Stable Coin

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The Union Bank from the Principality of Liechtenstein is launching Token as the first fully regulated Bank’s own Security. In addition, the Bank is planning the publication of a private Stable Coins. The “Union Bank Payment Coins” are intended to be covered by the Swiss franc.

When it comes to the Safekeeping of money, were banks of Liechtenstein has always been a popular starting point. Not for nothing, the 25 kilometers long, the Principality between Austria and Switzerland is considered a tax haven. In terms of crypto-currencies and their regulation Liechtenstein is now in the spotlight. So, the Union Bank AG announced in a press release, in the future, a own regulated Security Token. This is also soon to be a Stable Coin. According to the Bank, ultimately, to the top of the Finance-Blockchain-scene in the da-CH Region:

“The measures announced today, the Union Bank AG, will expand their existing services and offers, and improve and the first steps to position itself as a Full-Service Blockchain investment Bank. The advantages of the Blockchain should be involved fully in the processes and technologies of the Bank. The Union Bank AG will work together in this Initiative with the Verum Capital AG, a leading Swiss-based Blockchain-Boutique.“

Liechtenstein wants CH to da top

You should implement this plan into action would be to situate the Union Bank AG, in its direct competitive environment is actually far to the front. Accordingly, optimistic, M. H. Dastmaltchi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union Bank AG:

“Our goal is to be the first Blockchain-investment Bank in the world and with concrete solutions to our customers and Intermediaries to help be more efficient to reduce the cost base and to open up new revenue opportunities.”

As you can see in the example, Tether time and again, are trusted stablecoins, especially in the regulated sector rather scarce. To change just in the short term between various crypto-currencies and to secure any profits from the Hodln or Trade, are Stable Coins – at least theoretically – quite good.

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