Leader calls on supporters to ‘continue to fight’

d308410113367f749447138c57c029c2 - Leader calls on supporters to ‘continue to fight’

In a newly released message reminds the Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi his followers not to give up, but to continue to fight. If the recording date, this would be the first sign of life of the leader of terrorist group Islamic State in a year’s time.

“You have no choice. If you’re in dignity to life, then turn you to your faith, and fight the enemy, ” says al-Baghdadi to his followers. The speech lasts a total of about 55 minutes. “We are going for nothing but sharia law and give our lives to triumph”, sounds the yet.

The last time that footage emerged of al-Baghdadi dates of september 2017. It is often claimed that he was killed. “But the voice on the recording is unmistakably that of al-Baghdadi. That I am really quite sure, ” says terreurexpert Pieter Van Ostaeyen (KU Leuven). “I recognize not only his voice, but also the for him typical way in which he used the Qur’an, recites it. In addition, the recording spread through al-Furqan, a spokesman for Islamic State who specially back in the life was called.”

Van Ostaeyen, however, may not immediately disclose the time at which the recording is made. Certainly not an unimportant detail, because if the recording is very recent, would that prove that al-Baghdadi is still alive. The spiritual leader of terrorist group IS in the past several times already, will be dead.


IS suffering the last months many defeats in Syria and Iraq. In his argument seems to be al-Baghdadi is also a positive spin to want to give to those defeats. ‘For the mujahideen (islamic fighters, ed.) depends on the scale of the victory is not from a stolen city, town or village, or of those who luchtsuperioriteit has intercontinental ballistic missiles or smart bombs, ” he says.

‘Islamic State has this recording is not accidentally spread now spread. Worldwide muslims celebrate currently the festival of sacrifice’, concludes Van Ostaeyen.

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