Kendall Jenner: I’m misquoted

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“I am misquoted and would like some clarification.”

Kendall Jenner on Twitter responded to the statements that she made in an interview with the British magazine LOVE Magazine. Therein spoke the model rather condescending about fellow models, who, according to her ‘but what would do’. Also would they have said themselves to be very selective with the walk ‘ fashion show and ‘no 30 shows per season to do as the other girls.

According to Kendall, her statements completely out of context torn. “I am misquoted and would like some clarification. I meant like a compliment, but it is not on paper has come. Let me be clear: the respect that I have for my colleagues is huge. I know like no other how committed they are and how big their werkethos. Long days, little sleep, far away from your family and friends, the stress of travel a lot: it takes a lot of you. And yet they do it all like it’s nothing.”

“I would never, but never, on able to give! I am by so many of them inspired and am grateful that I have with many of them have been able to work together. I want that everyone always wins,” says Kendall.

Jenner was on social media quite addressed when her statements emerged. “Maybe run some models up to 30 shows because they have their rent, their mortgage or whatever have to pay. If you know anything, gets, spoiled. You are only in this world rolled thanks to your family and have not been so hard having to work when the ‘other girls’.”

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