Jasper Steverlinck swings 2018 in Queen elizabeth concert hall

Jasper Steverlinck is finally where he should be. For his new album he worked with producer Jean Blaute, that his vision of the sharing of “less is more”. ‘Night Prayer’ was a raw, bluesy plate, unadorned, unvarnished emotions. On the stage takes Jasper Steverlinck same approach; intimate concerts with a lot of kippenvelmomenten and occasionally a lump in the throat! Like a true artist befits!

So go sit down for ‘Night Prayer’. Take your time for. Listen afterwards a time and realize that you to the record of the year listen. And that you live to experience in the Queen elizabeth concert hall in Antwerp on Friday, december 21. This time really with a new album under the arm, accompanied by a full band and strijkersquartet.

Don’t miss his last Belgian concert of 2018! Tickets will go on sale from Thursday 23 August to 10 hours on .

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